Top Pet Supplements on the Market Today

Top Pet Supplements on the Market Today

People are more obsessed with their pets now than ever! In 2017 CNBC reported that the pet product industry as a whole was worth nearly $70 billion. Many entrepreneurs are scrambling to carve out a slice of this industry’s success.

One niche within this massive industry is pet supplements, and it’s growing year over year!

Why Sell Pet Supplements

While pets used to simply be man’s best friend, they’ve now moved past that role. The majority of pet owners now see their pets as family members, some people literally treat their pets as children. And when you view your pets as family you treat them that way.

That’s why it’s no surprise then that as we’re seeing an increase in demand for health supplements we’re also seeing an increase in demand for pet supplements as well. In 2017 the pet supplement industry alone was estimated to be worth $1.6 billion with a compound annual growth rate of 5.26%.

Not only do people want to treat their pets like family they want them to be able to live longer, healthier lives. Whether it’s a cat or a dog there are a few common health concerns that slow pets down as they age: hip and joint pain, tooth decay and aging eyes.

While these are common health concerns they’re also easy to address with the right supplements. Owners can give their pet’s a boost in nutrition that can fill in nutritional gaps that leave their fur baby susceptible to health issues.

3 Popular Pet Supplements to Sell

Hip and Joint

Hip and joint pet supplements are by far the most popular type of pet supplement on the market. 45% of all pet supplements sold are attributed to vitamin products designed to help with hip and joint issues. Just like humans pets joints get sore and achy when they age bringing discomfort and pain.

If you look at any hip and joint supplement on the market the number one ingredient you’ll find is glucosamine. Our private label Hip and Joint Formula supplement contains 250mg of glucosamine in addition to other popular ingredients. We’ve even included a turmeric super blend to help fight inflammation and support joint comfort.

Benefits of Hip & Joint Formula

  • Supports Joints
  • Promotes Cartilage
  • Supports Bone Health

Tooth Care

While most of us humans take meticulous care of our teeth brushing twice daily, flossing, etc., the same can’t be said of pets. Often times oral hygiene falls on the back burner or gets forgotten altogether by pet owners. Despite this fact oral hygiene has a huge impact on a pet’s health affecting everything from their ability to eat to their heart health.

Pet Tooth Care supplements are an easy way for pet owners to manage the oral hygiene of their pets between cleanings and bushings. Our private label Pet Tooth Care supplement contains a blend of vitamins and minerals in addition to a variety of nutritional ingredients like fennel, cranberries and grapefruit seed extract.

Benefits of Pet Tooth Care Supplements

  • Pet Tooth Enamel Support
  • Gum Health Support
  • Digestion Support
  • Overall Health Support

Eye Health and Support

Unlike humans, pets can’t put on sunglasses or as their eye doctor for a new glasses prescription. This doesn’t mean that their eye health is any less important or that it should be ignored. Many pets develop cataracts or glaucoma as they age which can severely impact their quality of life.

A balanced diet full of antioxidants can solve this problem but picky pets can make that difficult. That’s why supplements are a great solution. Just like in humans supplements help to close the nutrition gap in their diet. Our private label Eye Health & Support supplement helps do just that. We’ve even included zeaxanthin, which is sometimes called sunscreen for the eyes.

Benefits of Eye Health & Support Supplement

  • Anti-Aging Support
  • Eye Health Support
  • Overall Health Support
  • Digestive Support

The Takeaway

The pet products industry is booming and so is the demand for pet supplements! Private label pet supplements are a great way to get started right away. At Quality Supplement Manufacturing our turn around times are some of the fastest in the industry.

We’re also a custom supplement contract manufacturer. We can help you manufacture your very own custom formula pet supplement. Creating your own unique formula can help you stand out from the crowd.

Whatever your needs we’re here to help!

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