Custom Supplement Formulas

Custom Supplements are defined as supplements specifically designed for one company. As a supplement contract manufacturer we specialize in providing companies with high quality custom supplements. With over 45 years of supplement manufacturing experience. We are an FDA registered and cGMP certified facility based in the USA.

Types of Supplements we Manufacture

Our state of the art manufacturing facility has produced high quality vitamin supplements, sports nutrition, and other industry leading formulations for more then 20 years. At Quality Supplement Manufacturing we have capabilities to deliver your custom nutritional supplement in the following forms.

How To Get Started With Your Custom Supplement

Getting started building a customized nutritional supplement can be overwhelming at times. But with our team of experts, we can easily walk you through the process of formulating your custom supplement, and creating the perfect product. When you work with Quality Supplement MFG we walk you through the different variables that people often overlook when venturing to manufacture a custom formula. Such as color, dosage, product form, serving size and taste to name a handful. To start manufacturing your custom formulation you will need to have an idea of the following.

  1. List of ingredients
  2. Amount of Ingredients
  3. Servings per container
  4. Units Needed
  5. Type of Supplement
  6. Desired type of container/packaging

Guaranteed Custom Supplement Formulation Quality

When you are trying to distinguish yourself the rest of the supplement industry, having a quality supplement is essential for success. When you use Quality Supplement MFG you can rest easy knowing that we are gmp compliant and pride our self in stocking only the best ingredients. With our contract manufacturing processes in place we insure that your custom vitamin formula can live up to the name you place on it.

Custom Bottling, Labeling & Packaging

Whether you are creating a new dietary supplement, the next breakthrough in sports nutrition, or a new line of pet supplements, we know that presentation and marketing matter.  So along with our state of the art supplement manufacturing capabilities, we can also offer a variety of bottling and label options. From different bottle sizes, to different lid and bottling options. We have everything you need to help your custom supplement to stand out and take the supplement industry by storm.

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