4 Ways to Gain Customer Trust

4 ways to gain customer trust

Gaining the trust of your customers is essential when building a successful business. Without that trust there’s no way to grow your business. This trust is even more important when it comes to selling supplements.

Here are a few top tips on how to build customer trust.

1. Sell High-Quality Supplements

The number one thing you’ll need in order to gain the trust of your customers is a high-quality product. While there are many steps you can take in order to build trust none of that will matter if your product is crap.

Sell High-Quality Supplements!

People are becoming more and more picky about what they put in their bodies. That’s why organic, natural and non-GMO products are becoming more popular. So it should be no surprise that people are careful about which supplement companies they put their trust in.

There are supplement companies that have given the industry a bad name and made consumers suspicious. Don’t be the one that adds to this bad reputation. You’ll not only affect the way that your customers feel about you but also about the industry as a whole.

This will most likely mean finding a reputable manufacturer that you can partner with to make your supplements. Be sure to choose a manufacturer that is FDA registered, GMP certified and will be transparent with you. At QSM we even have third party testing done so that you know exactly what went into the supplements that you’ll be selling.

2. Be Accessible

When someone makes a purchase, especially if it’s online, they want to have access to the seller. For smaller supplement companies this can be a struggle particularly when you’re just starting out when it’s just you or as a side hustle.

Many customers expect companies expect you to be on-call 24/7 to answer their questions or provide them information. At the very least they expect a prompt response within hours. If you’re slow to respond then you might send up red flags in the eyes of your customers.

It’s also important to be accessible so that you can answer any questions that they might have even if it’s how to make a return.

Having multiple ways for customers to get in touch will only help make you easier to get in touch with. This can be a chatbot on your website when you’re away, email, phone, text, etc. I always feel suspicious about a company when it’s difficult to get in touch. My trust goes through the roof when there’s a phone number that I can easily call to get a hold of a real person.

3. Stay Consistent

Consistency Builds Trust!

They say Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither is trust. Think about the relationships in your life: How long did it take you to build up trust with those closest to you? Trust takes time to build. Trust isn’t established in an instant it takes multiple interactions. The person that you’re building trust with shows you that they’re trustworthy through their consistency.

The same goes for a company. When a company provides consistent service over and over again you begin to trust them. But much like relationships one bad, inconsistent interaction can destroy the trust you used to feel.

That’s not to say that trust can’t be repaired but it’s much easier to be consistent and maintain trust than to rebuild it.

You can build consistency through:

  • Marketing
  • Messaging
  • Design and branding
  • One-on-one communication
  • Order fulfillment

4. Be Honest

If this one isn’t obvious, we’ll spell it out for you; In order to build customer trust you need to be honest! Honesty doesn’t just mean not lying it also means being truthful and straightforward, this includes not overselling your abilities or products.

It’s easy to overhype and oversell supplements. There’s a lot of research and exciting discoveries being made about new supplements and ingredients every day but selling a supplement as a magic is always a no no.

First of all making crazy claims can get you into hot water legally and with the FDA. Second of all making these claims will catch up with you sooner or later. When your supplements don’t have the benefits that you promised or implied you will lose the trust of your customers and if/when they write a review to tell the world about their disappointment you’ll lose the trust of potential customers as well.

The Takeaway

Customer trust is essential for success, it can make or break your brand. There’s a lot of different elements that go into building customer trust but it all starts with having high-quality supplements.

At Quality Supplement Manufacturing we pride ourselves on producing the highest-quality supplements possible. Whether custom made or private label, we can help you create a product you can be proud to sell your customers!

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