Benefits of Manufacturing Supplements in the United States

Benefits of Manufacturing Supplements in the United States

Over the past few decades much of American manufacturing has moved overseas as a way for companies to reduce costs. While that might be the goal there are a number of benefits to manufacturing your supplements in the United States which can outweigh potential “per unit” savings.

In fact, manufacturing your supplements in the United States can result in a net financial gain in addition to many other benefits.

5 Reasons to Manufacture Supplements in the United States

1. Spend Less on Shipping

It’s like they say, the devil is in the details! While you might pay less per unit when you manufacture overseas you pay a heck of a lot more in shipping. Shipping your products halfway around the world is expensive because you’re likely paying for some combination of sea, air and rail freight.

When you manufacture your products domestically you get to cut down on a lot of this cost. The closer you are to the manufacturer the less you have to pay for shipping. You can significantly save on shipping costs which means a better bottom line for you.

2. Shorter Lead Times

Manufacturing domestically not only helps you save on shipping it also means shorter lead times. The closer you are to your manufacturer the faster products can arrive on your doorstep so to speak. Not only can shipments take a long time to simply ship, there’s no telling if your products might get stuck in customs.

The shorter your lead times the better your cash flow. It’s been said that even profitable companies can go belly up if they don’t have good cash flow and short lead times are a major contributing factor. In addition, shorter lead times allow you to be far more agile and flexible allowing you to pivot your strategy when necessary.

3. Better Communication

Having good communication in business is key! You want to make sure that your supplements are being made to your specifications and that your manufacturer is sticking to the agreed upon timeline. Staying in constant communication and correcting any issues that arise is crucial to your success. Unfortunately this can be difficult when your manufacturer is 12+ hours ahead of you.

Time difference isn’t the only issue at hand when manufacturing supplements overseas. Unfortunately, despite modern technology and translation software, language can still be a major barrier. So what seems like a simple issue might take several days to resolve between language and time barriers.

When you manufacture your supplements domestically time isn’t a huge barrier to communication. The biggest time difference is only a few hours with plenty of room to communicate back and forth throughout the day. In addition language is much less likely to be a barrier.

4. Higher Standards of Safety/Quality

In America we have very high standards that we must maintain in order to manufacture supplements and stay in business. If you have any questions about the standards, process or cleanliness of a dometic facility you can always hop on a plane and take a tour first hand. Visiting overseas facilities is much more expensive and time consuming.

Here at Quality Supplement Manufacturing we are both CGMP certified and FDA registered. This means that we have registered our manufacturing facility with the Food and Drug Administration. We also passed our current good manufacturing practices certification with flying colors! You can rest assured that what you see is what you get and you know exactly what’s going into each supplement.

5. Avoid Tariffs

As the trade war has waged on between America and China tariffs have played a huge role. Even if you’re not manufacturing in China the chances are that you could be charged some form of a tariff which takes money out of your pocket.

Manufacturing your supplements domestically allows you to save the money you would have paid in tariffs. Instead you can reinvest that into your business or use it to buy more inventory. Either way you’ll be saving a lot of money and supporting American industry!

Manufacturing your supplements in the United States isn’t just good for the American economy, it’s also very beneficial to your own business. We can help you with all of your encapsulation and tablet supplement needs from right here in Bethany, Oklahoma!

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