How to Work with Nutraceutical Manufacturers

How to Work with Nutraceutical Manufacturers

If you’re new to the supplement industry or just getting started with nutraceuticals there can be a lot of questions and confusion. You certainly don’t want to take any missteps when you’re just starting out.

So here’s a quick guide to help you when working with nutraceutical manufacturers.

What Are Nutraceuticals?nutraceutical herbal supplements in a bowl

Before you even start talking to a nutraceutical manufacturer it’s a good idea to understand, “what the heck are nutraceutical supplements?” The word nutraceutical is actually the combination of two words: nutrient and pharmaceutical.

A nutraceutical basically comes from the idea that certain foods have medicinal properties that you can use to get health benefits. These nutraceuticals fall into a few main categories.

  • Foods
  • Beverages
  • Dietary supplements
  • Ingredients

Nutraceutical beverages hold the biggest share of the nutraceutical market at 36%, next nutraceutical foods hold 33% of the market and last dietary supplement makes up 32% of the market.

What a Nutraceutical Manufacturer Offers

So the first thing you need to know when working with nutraceuticals manufacturers is what they offer. If you’re dead set on making a dietary supplement but their focus is food or beverages it won’t be a good fit.

It’s a great idea to familiarize yourself with the products that they specialize in and what they keep in-house. That way if/when you’re ready you’ll know exactly what they have and how you can expand your product line with them. Picking a manufacturer who specializes in what you want to make can also lead to saving money in the long run.

It’s not just a matter of what products they offer either, it’s a good idea to know what services they can provide you as well. Do they offer private label and contract manufacturing? Do they offer design services to help you create your labels? These are things you’re going to want to know.

In addition since you’re considering selling nutraceuticals you’ll want to know what certifications they can back up on the supplements. Popular certifications include:

  • Organic
  • Gluten-free
  • Vegetarian
  • Vegan
  • Cruelty-free
  • Non-GMO

Keep in mind that being able to make these types of statements about a product will mean that it’s more expensive to source, manufacture and test which will make it more expensive for you.

Make Expectations Clear from the Start

This is essential when working with nutraceutical manufacturers! It’s not just important that you communicate your expectations for them but also that you understand their expectations for you.

For example, if they quote you a timeline and you agree knowing you want a shorter timeline, you can’t expect them to magically get things done on your time if they’re unaware of your true expectations.

Be sure to follow-through on your end with what’s needed if you want to expedite the process. You can’t be mad at them if you’re the roadblock.

Know the Process

The last thing any business owner wants when working with a manufacturer is to get the run around. Knowing what they’re process looks like and the timeline for each phase will help you stay on the ball and keep them accountable.

If you’re private labeling a dietary supplement the process is generally pretty simple and mostly involves packaging, labeling, and shipping your product to you. Staying communication during the production process will help you know sooner rather than later if a shipment will be delayed.