The Top Women’s Supplements You Should Be Selling

It probably won’t surprise you to learn that more women take supplements than men overall. That’s why women are definitely not a demographic to be ignored when it comes to which supplements you sell and how you market them.

Another interesting fact is that according to the 2015 CRN consumer survey on dietary supplements 66% of supplement users between the ages of 18-34 anticipate their supplement use will increase over the next five years.

If you aren’t already private labeling these top women’s supplements, you should be.

Women’s Multivitaminbenefits of selling multivitamin supplements for women

Daily multivitamins are the number one type of vitamin and mineral supplement on the market today. A staggering 77% of female supplement users take a daily multivitamin. These vitamin and mineral supplement play a critical role in the lives of many women helping them to achieve complete nutrition.

With busy lives and poor diet many women don’t get the nutrition they need through the foods they eat. In addition, due to mineral depletion in soil even whole foods aren’t as nutritious as they once were making a multivitamin a welcome addition to help bridge the nutrition gap.

The health and nutrition needs of men and women are different which means that it’s important to provide your female customers with a supplement that can cater to their health needs. Some formulas include proprietary blends for energy, immunity or other health concerns; These are a great way to set your supplement apart from others already on the market.

Beauty Supplementsbenefits of selling beauty supplements for women

Beauty supplements are another popular vitamin and mineral supplement among women. With many women striving to look Instagram ready at all times supporting health hair, skin and nails is a must. Plus, beauty influencers have helped promote the popularity of beauty supplements making them a must have for many women.

The most common beauty supplements are hair, skin and nails vitamins with a blend of vitamins and minerals with a focus on certain vitamins and minerals that are beneficial for hair, skin and nails specifically like biotin, collagen or vitamin C.

One of the keys to success when it comes to selling beauty supplements is the testimonials from women that have tried it and loved it. Unlike a taking a daily multivitamin for general health, a beauty supplement has a clear purpose so when marketing your supplement make sure to have many examples of before and afters for successful marketing.

Probioticsbenefits of selling probiotic supplements for women

Probiotics have become more and more popular in the last few years as the science has evolved. They aren’t just important for gut health but overall health as well. Because the health of the gut and the good bacteria in it touch so many areas of health from the immune system to weight, many women are waking up to the importance.

Probiotics are found in certain healthy, fermented foods like kimchi and sauerkraut but these foods are not commonly eaten on a day to day basis in the modern western diet. There are even foods like juice, sauces and chocolate that have extra probiotics added to them to capitalize on the probiotic trend.

When selling a probiotic supplement make sure that you research the strains of bacteria. Certain strains of bacteria have known benefits for different areas of health. For a women’s probiotic including strains that support healthy weight could be a great way to set yourself apart.

The Takeaway

Millions of women take supplements everyday to support their health and make up for gaps in their nutrition. Women’s multivitamins, beauty supplements and probiotics are just a few of the most popular supplements on the market.

These supplements offer a unique option to customize them in order to make them stand out on the market. Unlike simple letter vitamins that are difficult to sell in a unique way, these three supplements offer the opportunity to be different and address women’s health concerns directly.

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